Trail Mix: Fortunato To BU

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when BU men’s ice hockey hired a coach who was formerly with Harvard? Well, now that coach who was formerly with Harvard has gone and talked with a recruit who was formerly with Harvard and what do you know, that recruit is now with BU. What a great day for everyone not Harvard.

Said recruit’s name is Brandon Fortunato, according to The Terrier Hockey Fan Blog. He’s a defenseman, born in 1996 and currently playing alongside Jack Eichel on the US National Team Development Program’s U18 squad. In 61 games this season, he has three goals and 36 assists, leading the team’s defensemen. Multiple outlets have used similar words to describe his playing style:

Cool! Passing the puck and getting it out of the defensive zone is generally a good thing in hockey.

This brings the current theoretical number of player’s on BU’s 2014-15 roster to 31. David Quinn has said there will be cuts, though Fortunato’s scholarship status hasn’t been reported (and everyone has just said he has committed, not signed a letter of intent or anything else).  But it’s still a great flip for the Terrier staff and nice early sign of what O’Connell brings to the table.


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One response to “Trail Mix: Fortunato To BU”

  1. Drunk Rhett says :

    A great flip…..A GREAT HELMET FLIP?????!?!?!

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